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    Serving clients from New York to Florida, Aegis Capital Corp. is a full-service investment firm that provides financial planning, wealth management, employee retirement plans, term and universal insurance, and portfolio analysis to individual clients as well as institutional and corporate clients. Aegis Capital Corp. has been in business for over thirty years and has seen significant growth since its founding in 1984.

    For individuals, Aegis offers an array of financial planning and advisory services. The firm’s wealth management services help preserve and build wealth for high performing clients. Wealth management can include diversified investment endeavors such as mutual funds and bonds and is supported by Aegis’ unique insights into specific markets and industries in relation to investment opportunities. Each client’s portfolio is tailored to the client's goals and time frame.

    As part of its offerings to individual clients, Aegis General Agency provides term and universal life insurance policies from some of the nation’s largest carriers, including MetLife and Prudential through wholesale affiliations and direct appointments.

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    Stanley Crouch (Aegis Capital/EXP Wealth Enhancement) Aegis Interview

    Dave Gentry, host of "The RedChip Money Report: Small Stocks Big Money," interviews Stanley Crouch, CIO and Senior Managing Director of Aegis Capital, at the Aegis Healthcare Conference. Mr. Crouch is also CEO of EXP Wealth Enhancement, an affiliate of Aegis Capital.

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    Dave Gentry, host of "The RedChip Money Report: Small Stocks Big Money," interviews Thomas Dowling, Managing Director of EXP Wealth Enhancement, at the Aegis Healthcare Conference. EXP Wealth Enhancement is an affiliate of Aegis Capital.
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